Corporate culture

Building the corporate culture is the matter specially paid attention to it. More than 23 years of development, many traditions and good value have been formed and it has brought Trung Dong to become one Company with many the special and unique cultural features, it is the proud of members of Trung Dong and significantly contributed to Trung Dong’s success today.
Trung Dong maintains the working and communication manners indicating the character of the Middle East People. We have established the corporate atmosphere showing the humanity culture, including the evident principles in every operation, communication and entertainment. We are the team with rich of cultural tradition, the strong corporate spirit, jointly associated, preserved and developed the traditional value for forever bright by time.
With the target of creating the specific corporate culture indicating the modern industrial manners, it not only expresses in the working manners and communication behavior of the staff and workers in the internal corporate and the external partners but also in the products, our printing service, from new sample, deign and content of its quality. Trung Dong has incessantly built the system of values, belief, habit which are shared in the enterprise and improved ceaselessly through the example of administrator, particularly, intelligent, skill and spirit, steadfast, innovation thought, creative and self-motivated and having aspiration for building the enterprise, associated with the economic growth and esteem the human being and environmental protection. 
Character of Trung Dong has been improved upon the foundation: Solidarity – Cooperation – Dynamic – Creativeness – Quality – Effectiveness.