Founded in 1990, from the beginning, Trung Dong was only a small-scale enterprise,Trung Dong has spent the process of growing up in strength and incessantly development. To date, Trung Dong Corporation has become the leading enterprise in Vietnam in the manufacturing industry of kinds of plastic bags.



Especially, Trung Dong Corporation has specialized in production, business and export of kinds oftextile PP, Flexo printing bags, PE bags and so on serving the kinds of bags for the following industries: 


  •   Packing industry, woven PP , … 
  •   Fertilizer, botanical protection medical, veterinary medicine, …
  •   Salt, rice, sugar, rice seed, agricultural products, …
  •   Aqua feed and cattle food
  •   Supermarket bags, environmental protection bags, container bags, jumbo, …


Manufacturing capacity: 
  •   The Company’s area:> 80.000 m2 
  •    Number of employees:> 1000 persons 
  •    Manufacturing capacity: 14 million bags/month


Operation guidelines: The parties have jointly cooperated with the policiesof price incentives. 
Operation norms: The Trademark is determined by its quality.
Customer service criteria:
  •    Professional service
  •    Fist quality 
  •    Reasonable price
Forsuccess of the Company to date, in addition to the efforts of the team of Board of Leaders and Staff – Officers of the Company, support of the partners and the customers who have gone with us since from the date of incorporation who have significantly contributed to our success. We believe that every effort in the work shall bring the worthy results and it is the gold key to open the successful door. With our Slogan “We believe in quality”. Day by day, we have incessantly strived by all our enthusiasm associated with the knowledge – experience for the good completion of the future schedules. In order to achieve these targets, the whole Board of Leaders and Staff – Officers of Trung Dong Corporation are determined to make our best efforts for laboring and creativeness, technical improvement for bringing the best products for customers for leading our Company to become the enterprise satisfying the standards of quantity and quality accordingly. 
Please come for your cooperation and development together with Trung Dong Corporation!