PP piece coupled with Kraft paper

Woven PP piece copupled with Kraft paper used for bag production in the industry group of agricultural products, such as, rice bags, cereal bags and so on fertilizer bags, cement bags, chemical substance bags.
  • Woven PP cloth + PP coating glue + Fore/Kraft paper
  • Woven PP cloth layer with its main usage is the load bearing, the duty of PP glue layer associated between Fore paper layer and woven PP layer.
  • Usage of Fore/Kraft paper layer is water-proof if the internal bag is huimid, in addition, its purpose is to further reinforce the physical-mechanical peroperties of the products. 
  • Fore/Kraft paper layer can be printed by offset with the sharpness image, and failing to cost much for manufacturing the copper pipe axis. However, its disadvantage, the cost price of woven PP bags coupled with paper is higher than high-class woven PP bags. Therefore, the above structure is only applied to the packing manufacturing with the insignificant quanity.